Friday, 8 May 2009

Oak Island Tours Inc - 2009 dig update

The following update was posted by D'Arcy O'Connor on the Oak Island Treasure forum (


Oak Island Tours Inc. (Dan and the Michigan Mob) have been given a go-ahead by the NS Department of Natural Resources to dig on Oak Island from now until June 30, 2013. The only steps left now are for the TTL application to be cleared by the NS Justice Department (which is pretty well automatic) for approval by Cabinet, and then have it rubber-stamped by the NS Governor General for her approval. I'm told that this should all be acomplished within the next three weeks. So it seems that the OIT syndicate can legally begin drilling and digging as early as this May. 

After unsuccessfully fighting the need for a Heritage Research Permit and an archeological reconnaisance of their lots, Fred Nolan and Robert Young recently acquised to this stipulation, and have now applied for the NS Museum permit. But they still have a lot of bureaucratic hurdles to overcome before being able to conduct any major work on their lots this summer.

If you are at EOID'09 in June, you'll hear first-hand on Sunday afternoon how Rick Ratcliffe (who this month is retiring as Registrar of Minerals and Petroleum Titles - which covers TTLs) has had to deal with all of this pencil-pushing work concerning Oak Island exploration during the past 30 years.

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