Friday, 24 September 2010

Video exploring beneath Oak Island

I'm pleased to share the famous video taken beneath Oak Island and narrated by Dan Blankenship as he points out a series of underwater anomalies and questionable structures. Some of you will remember seeing this at Explore Oak Island Days - it's a great crowd puller! See what you think and decide for yourselves

A big thanks to Jeff Blount for uploading these to share with Oak Island fans everywhere.

After watching these videos, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. They always spur an active discussion!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Oak Island Tours Inc granted Treasure Trove Licence

The wait is finally over for Dan Blankenship and other members of Oak Island Tours Inc, the team currently continuing the 200 year long treasure hunt on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island.

After a two year halt in what has become the world’s greatest treasure hunt, the team have finally been granted a Treasure Trove Licence (albeit temporary) allowing them to continue their search for treasure on Oak Island.

The treasure hunters were informed yesterday that they will be granted the necessary paperwork which will allow them to continue their search. However this licence will only allow them to resume their exploration until 31st December 2010. After this date, the Nova Scotian Department of Natural Resources/Tourism, Culture and Heritage will impose the new Oak Island Act, details of which have yet to be announced.

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

We go behind the scenes with new CBC documentary on Oak Island

We are very excited to bring you a sneak preview into a forthcoming CBC documentary based on the Oak Island treasure hunt. The show features an exclusive interview with treasure hunter Dan Blankenship - his first interview in over 30 years. We are looking forward to hearing what Dan has to say about his decades of treasure hunting and why he remains determined as ever to continue with the treasure hunt.

Oak Island Treasure was able to provide an overview of the mystery which 'really helped research wise to get a handle on the whole story of the island'. It's with great pleasure that we bring you behind the scenes photos and an exclusive interview with the show's producer, Jessica Brown.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Please sign the Oak Island TTL petition - promotional video

Help Solve Nova Scotia’s Oak Island Mystery!


Dan Blankenship and his partners own 78% of Oak Island – an island consisting of 140 acres located a short distance off the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Oak Island is known internationally as the location of the so-called Money Pit, a site of numerous excavations since 1795 to recover treasure believed to be buried there.

Former United States of America President Franklin D. Roosevelt and actors John Wayne and Errol Flynn are rumoured as being among those who have searched for the treasure. Although it has not yet been found, the majority consensus is that many years ago something of extreme importance was buried on Oak Island.

After 40 years of searching, Dan Blankenship believes he now has the keys to once and for all solve the Oak Island Mystery and uncover what he says will be an astounding find and of huge tourist interest.

Unfortunately, the Nova Scotia Government has been slow to renew the Treasure Trove License. It has now been more than eighteen months since Dan Blankenship and his financial partners made application to the Province. The government has delayed granting of a license. Without a license, Dan Blankenship and his partners are unable to renew their search. The march of time is an enemy to the fulfilling of 86 year old Dan Blankenship’s dream and his investors are understandably growing weary of delays.

Please help by signing a world-wide petition asking the Province of Nova Scotia to grant Dan Blankenship and his financial partners a Treasure Trove License for exploration. You CAN make a difference. Your expressions of support will be submitted to the Premier of Nova Scotia, the Hon. Darrell Dexter; to members of the Nova Scotia Legislature and to the government department responsible for issuing the Treasure Trove License.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Oak Island Treasure Review of 2009

Reflecting on 2009 from Oak Island Treasure HQ in London, I've thoroughly enjoyed keeping you all updated with all the news, updates, videos and photos over the past year. It's been wonderful to receive your emails, chat with you online and of course, hear your theories about what you think is in the Money Pit.

I thought it would be interesting to take a retrospective look on all the excitement of the past twelve months, and give you an insight into some of the projects the website has been involved in, while keeping true to our mission to bring the Oak Island mystery to the world.

I hope the following summary provides you with examples of the growing number of individuals, media channels and essentially international curiosity that exists for the latest news and research about Oak Island.

In the past twelve months we've seen Oak Island feature in computer games, documentaries, travel guides, countless magazines, be battered by the elements and even catch on fire! So without further a do, here follows a month by month overview of the past year...

A cold and icy January evening in England provided me with the opportunity to finally meet with Norwegian Oak Island researcher, Petter Amundsen in Hertfordshire, UK. He took time out of his busy filming schedule to meet me for dinner and introduce me to the crew.

Petter has been researching Oak Island for a number of years, with particular focus on a series of codes contained within Shakespeare's manuscripts. As unbelievable as this may seem, Petter has deciphered these hidden messages and applied them to locations on Oak Island with fascinating results. You can read more on Petter's theories and his suggestion that geometry on Oak Island is aligned with the Tree of Life.

During February, Oak Island Treasure was approached by a team of British producers to act as a consultant for a documentary proposal.

This was a great opportunity to be involved with a project from the early concept stage, and feed into the creative process, to be sure that justice was done bringing the Oak Island story to the world. This is an ongoing project, so watch this space for more developments in 2010!

Oak Island in the news:

With the arrival of March, came a very interesting email from a writer researching for Bradt Travel Guides. Keen to include a feature on Oak Island, I was more than happy to answer his questions and provide some context on the world's greatest treasure hunt. The edition is set to be published later in 2010.

The Oak Island mystery has all the elements of those exciting stories which captured our imagination as children, and in a world where everything is so certain, it’s compelling to ponder one of the very few remaining mysteries. Oak Island remains a tale of fortitude, passion and intrigue and for that reason, I believe it would be a worthy tourist destination.

April saw the starts of Oak Island's debut feature in its very first dedicated computer game. The boys at Cerebral Vortex Games were keen for the Money Pit mystery to be portrayed as accurately possible within the game structure, and once again, we were at the end of the phone for some fascinating discussions of how Oak Island could move into the virtual world.

In May, a new channel, Oak Island Exclusive appeared on You Tube - featuring videos shot by Oak Island inhabitant Chelsea, whose family owns a holiday home on the island. These videos show Chelsea touring the Oak Island shoreline, offering views of locations previously unseen on Explore Oak Island Day tours. Thanks Chelsea, we look forward to seeing more.

The soaring temperatures in June did not come without risk. We heard that the treasure hunting group, Oak Island Tours Inc had been clearing large areas of brush, we can only assume in anticipation of exploratory work. It didn't take much for the dry vegetation to catch light in the heat, and a large section of land went up in flames like a tinderbox.

A local news station was able to capture the moment when a helicopter was deployed to quench the flames on Oak Island.

Later in June, fans of Oak Island from all over the world journeyed to Nova Scotia for the Oak Island Tourism Society's annual event - Explore Oak Island Days. This was a chance to tour Oak Island, view artifacts connected to the excavations which have been taking place over the past two hundred years and meet with a wide range of experts.

Oak Island in the news:
Explore Oak Island Days
Here's how to solve the Oak Island mystery
Province urged to overhaul Treasure Trove Act

The article Treasure hunting vacations went to press in July, featured on the Forbes Traveler magazine website homepage.

Later in the month, the Oak Island computer game from Cerebral Vortex Games launched, bringing a new channel for people to interact with the mystery, proving especially popular in Japan.

It was in August that the Oak Island Treasure website celebrated eight long years of providing you with news, opinion, theories and research on Oak Island. We had our annual meeting at The Captain Kidd pub on the banks of the River Thames in London with a couple of dedicated supporters.

Hurricane Bill hit the Atlantic Coast of Northern America, and Oak Island was no exception. It's funny to think of the island actually on fire only a few months previously, but this video shows the extent of this freak weather. Treasure enthusiasts were hopeful the elements may have dislodged the odd chest of gold along the shoreline, but they were to be disappointed!

Oak Island writer Steve Sora was interviewed for a History Channel documentary, Holy Grail in America which aired on US TV in September. The show featured Steve talking about the Templar connection to the Oak Island mystery stood right in front of our very own Money Pit.

It is probably worth mentioning that after this documentary aired, Oak Island Treasure received a record number of enquiries, emails and saw many more members join our Facebook group.

It was in October that I found myself in New England and arranged a social gathering for Oak Island enthusiasts in Portland, Maine, USA. It was wonderful to see some old friends, and meet some great new faces too, showing how far and wide fans of Oak Island are spread.

News began to grow that the Oak Island Tourism Society would be voting on the decision whether to close, due to a number of hurdles they had faced in their time of promoting Oak Island as a tourist destination.

Oak island in the news:
Oak Island Tourism Society to dissolve

With the arrival of December came the news that the Oak Island Tourism Society would be closing for good. The decision to do so caused much friction within the Oak Island community, so it will be an interesting couple of months to see how Oak Island and tourism may develop in the future.

More significant perhaps, was an illuminating interview with Dan Blankenship that was published in The Chronicle Herald, in which he appears deflated, yet determined.

We leave 2009 pondering what the future may hold for the Oak Island Treasure hunt, where one man's lifelong dream finds itself tethered by red tape, and if he will ever get his final opportunity to recover the Oak Island treasure.

The future

In 2010, we will remain committed to providing the latest Oak Island news, features and opinion not to mention archive material with great thanks to those kind enough to share their personal collections with us. Do check out the growing Archive and see the vast bredth of information available for you to download for free.

Despite the differences of opinion that have become apparent between Oak Island groups this past year, Oak Island Treasure promises to serve all enthusiasts of the mystery, whatever their affiliation. Whether completing a school project, researching a book or story boarding a documentary, we are always happy to help!

I would like to thank everyone who supported the website in 2009. Perhaps you did so my browsing the site, emailing us, joining our growing Facebook group, following the latest news on Twitter, saying hello in person, contributing to discussions online or watching our videos.

We remain a non profit site run solely out of enthusiasm for the Oak Island treasure hunt and will never tire of bringing together Oak Island fans from all over the world, so thank you for your support!

A very Merry Christmas to all Oak Island fans, and here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2010.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Oak Island Treasure & the closure of the Oak Island Tourism Society: some questions

It's been a hot topic in the Oak Island community these past few weeks. Ever since it was announced the Oak Island Tourism Society would be dissolving, many enthusiasts of the mystery are asking questions, such to what will happen to to artifacts and where does this leave public access to the island? 

At Oak Island Treasure HQ, we have not been left out of the fray and have been contacted by local press for our view on the situation.

Here follow some interview questions recently asked by Halifax's paper, The Chronicle Herald which will provide you with our view on this news.

Q 1. Well, first off, do you live on the South Shore? I'm wondering how you got interested in Oak Island and what the allure is for you.

I actually live a little further afield than the South Shore - I'm in London, England. I first read about Oak Island when I was a child and my fascination with the mystery has never left me. For that reason, back in 2001 I set up a website, with the intent of bringing together Oak Island fans from all over the world. Around 500 individuals visit my website every day, keen to find out information on the Oak Island mystery.

I have crossed the Atlantic four times for the annual Explore Oak Island Days event, organised by the OITS and it's been wonderful to meet fans of the mystery from all over on Oak Island.

Believe it or not, there is actually a small UK based contingent of Oak Island fans who get together each summer in London and discuss our favourite theories in the Captain Kidd pub on the River Thames.

Q 2. How long have you been involved with the society?

I recall being a member of the Society, pretty much around the same time as setting up my website back in 2001.

Q 3. What do you think of its closure?

Although it is sad to see the Tourism Society close, I feel that there is enough interest and public spirit to carry the vision forward. Whether this will be a local historical society, or a group of Oak Island enthusiasts, I firmly believe that Oak Island has the potential to attract many visitors to the area.

The Oak Island mystery has all the elements of those exciting stories which captured our imagination as children, and in a world where everything is so certain, it's compelling to ponder one of the very few remaining mysteries. Oak Island remains a tale of fortitude, passion and intrigue. For this reason I believe, treasure or no treasure, it would be a worthy tourist destination for visitors to Nova Scotia.

Q 4. What impact will that have on the search and what will happen with the information and the artefacts that have been recovered?

I don't believe the closure of the OITS will have an impact on the search for treasure on Oak Island - the reason being that the excavation relies on the Province issuing the Treasure Trove Licence. There is currently considerable hold up around processing this document, which has resulted in the search for treasure grinding to a halt. In the past when no excavations have been taking place, international interest has remained, so there is certainly a public appetite for information on the Money Pit mystery, despite little or no activity.

As I understand it, those artefacts which have been recovered over the past two centuries remain in the hands of the groups who funded the excavations, such Dan Blankenship who has an impressive collection of items.

As excavations on Oak Island have been privately funded, those owners of such items are by no means obliged to share their findings, but I hope that any group can look forward to a fruitful relationship with those directly involved in the treasure hunt.

Q 5. Do you think this means interest in the mystery is waning or do you think there's potential for others to pick up the gauntlet?

I don't think that interest in Oak Island is waning at all! Every month I hear from people the world over including journalists, documentary producers, publishers and even school teachers, all eager to learn the latest news on what has become known as the World's greatest treasure hunt.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Closure of the Oak Island Tourism Society

For the past eight years, the Oak Island Tourism Society has been pursuing its mandate of "tours of Oak Island and a world class interpretive center" and "reinvigorating the interest in Oak Island". The most popular element of their work has been working with the Island landowners to provide annual tours of the island during one weekend over the summer which has become known as Explore Oak Island Days.

Last week the Oak Island Tourism Society announced that they had taken the decision to close down. The reasons given for this were as follows:

* Lack of clear direction from majority land owners and treasure hunters Oak Island Tours Inc. on whether or not we stand any reasonable chance at fulfilling our full mandate.
* We are unable to secure a fixed date for Explore Oak Island Days each year at a facility we feel fits the character, progress and development of the event which has grown each year.

This is indeed a shame, as many of the members of this group will have attended the annual event, which has provided a great opportunity for us to learn more about Oak Island, and meet other enthusiasts from all over the world.

Did you attend Explore Oak Island Days? What memories do you have of the event?

At this stage, it's unclear what the future of the Society may be, or if this poses the opportunity for the emergence of a new group. We must remember that the landowners are by no means obliged to grant access to their property for tours, but in terms of Nova Scotian tourism, how important do you feel access to Oak Island is?