Friday, 25 January 2008

Oak Island Treasure - Borehole 10X Video

Oak Island Treasure is pleased to share with you a selection of images which have been added to our main website this week.

Firstly the following image was taken from the famous Borehole 10X video. In this piece of film shot when a camera was lowered deep into the flooded caverns of Borehole 10X, many believed they were seeing what they thought to be a collection of chests.

Other images in this collection include what some have interpreted to be wooden beams supporting a roof - similar to a mine shaft, and intriguing of all, a photo of what has been identified as a body.

These photos were taken of the TV monitor displaying the video, and as a result are not the best quality. Coupled with sediment strewn waters, and it is easy to understand the ambiguity which surrounds these controversial pictures.

One must be wary when viewing such 'evidence', as for anyone passionate about the Oak Island mystery, the temptation is to see what you wish to see, much like forming shapes out of the clouds in the sky. However, these photos undoubtedly remain a fascinating chapter in the history of Oak Island.

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