Saturday, 23 August 2008

Oak Island Treasure is 7 years old today!

Seven years ago today, Oak Island Treasure was created when Jo Atherton decided to put her fascination in the hunt for treasure at Oak Island's Money Pit into the public arena. 

Often referred to by many as the world's greatest treasure hunt, as a child, Jo had been captivated by the tale of pirates, cryptic codes, stone inscriptions and of course, treasure.

"It was with the intention of contacting perhaps one or two people who might be able to give me information on what was happening on Oak Island that I decided to build the website", explains Jo. 

"I had no idea how many amazing people I would meet, the contacts I have been able to help and most of all, achieve my dream of setting foot on the island which has meant so much to me." 

Jo (front, centre) with fellow forum members during Explore Oak Island Days, 2006

This year, Miss Atherton attended the Oak Island Tourism Society's Explore Oak Island Days where she was a guest speaker invited to share her experiences of running the world's most successful Oak Island website. 

The treasure hunt on Oak Island continues to this day with Oak Island Tours Inc. currently conducting a series of exploratory drill holes. Over the past two hundred years, this mysterious island in Nova Scotia has claimed six lives and millions of dollars as many have tried in vain to unearth her secret.

New drill holes on Oak Island, June 2008

Friday, 22 August 2008

Oak Island & Frog Island - do they both have Money Pits?

Oak Island is just one of 365 islands in Mahone Bay and is by no means unique by harbouring a mysterious pit.
Frog Island, only a short distance across the water from Oak Island holds a secret of its own. The island also has a pit of unexplained origin which has been the subject of some interesting discussions as to whether this formation is connected to the Oak Island Money Pit.

Daniel J.Sullivan was part of an excavation of the Frog Island pit. Here follow a couple of his photos from 1979.

Daniel looked into how it was possible to move large quantities of soil silently, and without a crane. He goes on to say:

"That was a painful, and dangerous excavation, but provided many artifacts, and reams of data. The pit was originally a sinkhole, and overlies the same strata common to Oak I. The excavation was terminated at 27', due to the influx of water, and dangerous conditions. That large chained boulder behind Drew was later suspended directly over us. Manmade artifacts were found to a depth of 25'.

We worked all of Frog I. in the years, 76, 77, 78, 79, 1983. Many of Peter Beamish's metal detection holes were still discernable, but we made spectacular finds in spite of their efforts, especially in the swamp. Of course our equipment was more sophisticated. Frank Ernst allowed the Beamish group to camp on the island in 1965. There is strong evidence that suggests many men were housed on Frog I. during the period of Oak I. construction."

It would be interesting to ascertain the nature of the man made object Daniel mentions to see if this is another man made structure which may very well hold clues to the creators of the Oak Island Money Pit.

Here follow some photos of the Frog Island pit today, taken on a trip in June 2008.

Is this chain the same one Daniel mentions, seen holding up a boulder in his earlier photo?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Oak Island featuring at The Atlantic Conference

The Atlantic Conference takes place this weekend with the aim of bringing together experts from a variety of disciplines to discuss early trans-Atlantic contact.

For those with an interest in Oak Island, they can look forward to hearing Danny Hennigar speak about his research into the world's greatest treasure hunt.

That a speaker has been invited to discuss Oak Island alongside serious academic researchers could mark the start of this mystery being finally elevated as a worthy subject for consideration, no longer destined to reside in the files of unexplained phenomena alongside UFOs and bigfoot.

Conference weekend: Friday 15th - Sunday 17th August

View the schedule of speakers:

Tours of surrounding areas of interest: Monday 18th - Friday 22nd August

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